NEOGRUN FINGER PAINTS SET "AKI" - Aki, the Toucan, is totally wild about our finger paints. Aki likes to fly from tree to tree and paint the entire jungle in blue, yellow, red or green.

Neogrün finger paints are the perfect fun for all ages that combines the freedom of unlimited play with the safe sensory experience.

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Produced from the natural renewable raw materials using safe plant and mineral pigments. The spill-proof consistency and shallow containers are ideal for the young artists.

Free from wheat, soy, peanuts and tree nuts, dairy, fish and eggs

Dimensions: 14.5 × 14.5 × 5.5 cm

Children discover the world of colors in their own way – often by getting covered in paint from fingers to toes and eventually getting it in their mouth. That is why Neogrün® finger paints are designed to guarantee an unforgettable and harmless painting experience.  Neogrün® finger paints are based on natural eco-friendly raw materials and use only refined mineral and plant pigments in food or cosmetic quality. The palette of mild natural colors is intended to promote the color perception at young age through calm and focused sensory play.

Additionally, our finger paints are independently validated and certified to meet the strict ecological and vegan standards. This makes Neogrün® finger paints the first certified natural and vegan product in this category.

Neogrün® finger paints feature a thick and creamy consistency for a spill-free painting and a unique skin feel. Can be used on paper, cardboard, glass, stone and many other surfaces, not only with hands and feet. Can also be applied with the brush or printed by sponge or stamps. Neogrün® finger paints are easy to spread, water-soluble, dilutable and miscible with each other. Even after drying finger paints keep the initial volume.

The wet paints can be easily removed with the sponge from most of the non-absorbing surfaces. After drying may leave a light stain on natural white textiles. Protect the valuable surfaces from the contact with the paints.

We recommend to protect from light when not in use to preserve the luminosity of vegetable dyes.

ATTENTION! Children under 3 years of age should be supervised by adults.

Ingredient: Water, organic corn starch, sea salt, purified chalk and clays, organic sugar, organic vegetable oil, moisturizing and thickening agents of vegetable origin, mineral and vegetable pigments in cosmetic and food quality, preservative: phenoxyethanol <1%, bitter agent: denatonium benzoate