LOGOS KIWI - One day, a mysterious pack is delivered to the farm. All the animals gather to examine it: some of them smell it, some put their ear on it and listen to what’s inside, some look at the mysterious writing on its surface, even though they can’t read…

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Everybody is thrilled, except Dog, the guardian of the farm, who is concerned that it may contain something dangerous, and wants to get rid of it by throwing it into the river. Yet, curiosity gets the upper hand, and Hummingbird convinces him to open the box before deciding what to do with it. So, all the animals go to Mother Chicken’s to open the pack, and along the way everyone wonders what it may contain: Hummingbird wishes for a record player, Cock for some pomade for his crest, the three little pigs would be happy with something to eat… But to their great amazement, inside the box there is… an egg. A trivial, white egg with little brown spots. Disappointed, the animals go back to their business. Only Dog stays, and decides to brood the egg himself, waiting for the baby to hatch out of it…
This new title of the collection La biblioteca della Ciopi is a tender, amusing story by Uruguayan writer Carmen Posadas, gorgeously illustrated by Italian artist Alessandra Manfredi.
A tale about diversity, solidarity and unconventional families, to start seeing an opportunity in every little egg… and to discover that family is not about genetics, it is about love.

The author
Carmen Posadas was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1953. She has lived in Madrid, Moscow, Buenos Aires and London. When she describes Dog’s love for Kiwi she knows very well what she is talking about: she has two daughters! She is the author of many books for children, novels and biographies, and she has written for cinema and television as well. She has obtained several awards, including the Premio Planeta in 2003. Her books have been translated into 23 languages.

The illustrator
Alessandra Manfredi is an Italian freelance illustrator and graphic designer, born in the Marche region. She studied painting restoration at the University of Urbino, and attended the Arte e Messaggio school in Milan, as well as several advanced trainings at the International School of Illustration S. Zavrel in Sarmede (Treviso). Her work mainly focuses on illustrated books and graphic novels, and she participates in exhibitions and contests in Italy and abroad.